About Us Bijolie


Inspired by the French words “bijoux” and “jolie”, BIJOLIE embodies many of the same attributes of company founder Olia’s favorite bird – the hummingbird. An imaginative force of energy constantly in motion, the tiny hummingbird is able to transport its delicate grace and simple elegance in a way that captivates and dazzles us all. Similarly, Olia’s BIJOLIE creations are meant to take its wearers on their own flight of fancy.

In 2008 Olia flew to New York City from Russia, immediately fell in love with everything she saw, and decided to make it her permanent nest. The alluring hum of the city became the fuel for her heart, and the vitality and energy it radiated became the sustenance for her imagination. BIJOLIE jewelry is a direct expression of Olia’s own very personal journey, and it is her sincerest hope that these designs embolden you to take your own flight straight to your dreams.